Zillertaler Music Summer

Zillertaler Music Summer

from EUR 159 per person

for 3 nights incl. 3/4 board

Silvester klein

Silvester im Zillertal

27.12.17 - 02.01.18

5 Nächte mit Party

u. Verwöhnprogramm

ab € 670,- pro Person

Pachmair’s Zillertaler Musicians Parade

Pachmair’s Zillertaler Musicians Parade

The best programme in the Alps is guaranteed to provide plenty of fun and entertainment!


With a different musical event taking place each day (April - November), there’s something to suit every taste. When it comes to entertainment, the Pachmairwirt is the place to be.


Tuesday 8pm Crossbow Shooting

Crossbow Shooting Be a hot shot and win the Pachmair trophy at the “William Tell” fun crossbow shooting evening.


Read more: Tuesday 8pm Crossbow Shooting


Wednesday 11:30 am: Marc Pircher

Marc Pircher at the Pachmairwirt in UdernsMarc Pircher started playing the “Styrian harmonica” (accordion) at a very early age, encouraged by his father, who played the accordion as a hobby. It was his father who taught Marc his first songs and discovered his son’s musical talent.


Read more: Wednesday 11:30 am: Marc Pircher


Wednesday 8pm: “Bundesmusikkapelle” brass band of Uderns

 “Bundesmusikkapelle” brass band of UdernsThe band started out as the work’s brass band at the ironworks in Kleinboden.

The band was called upon to perform at public events as early as 1777.


Read more: Wednesday 8pm: “Bundesmusikkapelle” brass band of Uderns


Thursday 8pm: "Da Zillertaler und die Geigerin"

2e-ZillertalerGeigerinHochThe group “Da Zillertaler und die Geigerin”, which consists of a violin, “Styrian harmonica” (accordion) and harp with vocals, has been a bright star in the music industry since 2006.


Read more: Thursday 8pm: "Da Zillertaler und die Geigerin"


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Mit Tanz, Stimmung & Show beschwingt

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Saturday 9pm

Mulled Wine Welcome

Hotel- and Ski-Information

We welcome all our guests.

Tuesday: Harry Wudler


Tuesday 9pm


Harry Wudler

Music & Entertainment!

k-Happy Smile 2 Hotel Pachmair


21.00 Uhr

Stimmung & Entertainment





Friday 9pm


Win great non-cash prizes

1 ticket = € 2,-


Torch-lit Walk


Wednesday 9pm:

Torch-lit Walk

with mulled wine stop

patricia   janus klein


21.00 Uhr

Rock, Schlager u. Oldies



Maria Kofler Klein


Sunday 9pm

SAX'n More

with Maria Kofler