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A great atmosphere every day at Music Hotel Pachmair

We, Gerda and Johannes Geiger, and the entire Pachmair Team are very passionate about music. All year long, we provide our guests with a wide-ranging music and entertainment program. Every day during the summer months, Pachmair’s Zillertaler Musikantenparade, which includes musicians from the Zillertal such as Marc Pircher, the Zellberg Buam, or Die Mayrhofner, guarantees a fantastic atmosphere and unforgettable evenings.

In the winter, it’s our comprehensive Snow & More holiday program that keeps everyone entertained. Our guests can look forward to fun and unforgettable holidays in the company of others thanks to live music, cool sounds, and original charm. 

Pachmair's Musikkalender


27. Apr 2023, 08:00 pm

Da Zillertaler & die Geigerin


28. Apr 2023, 08:00 pm

Tiroler Heimatabend & Zillertaler Vagabunden


29. Apr 2023, 08:00 pm

Koni & Marco


30. Apr 2023, 08:00 pm



01. May 2023, 08:00 pm

Fesch'n Rock - Rita & Andreas


02. May 2023, 08:00 pm

Marc Pircher


03. May 2023, 08:00 pm

Mario K.

Pachmair’s Hitparade 

Because we’re passionate about traditional music, every year we ask popular bands from the Zillertal to compose songs exclusively for our Music Hotel Pachmair. We’re proud of these songs and certainly want to share them with you, so please listen and enjoy!

2013: "Pachmair Walzer" from the Original Zillertaler

2014: "Beim Pachmair" from Hochtirol

2015: "Das Juwel des Zillertales" from Rita & Andreas

2016: "Pachmair Boarischer" from the Original Zillertaler

2017: "Pachmair Marsch" from Der Zillertaler & die Geigerin

2019: Des is mein Himmel from Die Fetzig´n aus dem Zillertal