Zillertaler Music Summer

Zillertaler Music Summer

from EUR 159 per person

for 3 nights incl. 3/4 board

Welcome to the 4* Hotel Pachmair in Uderns in Zillertal!

Your hotel in Zillertal where hospitality comes from the heart.


Hotel Pachmaier - Family Geiger Our hotel lies in the heart of the Zillertal (or Ziller Valley) in the village of Uderns in Zillertal’s first holiday region Kaltenbach-Fügen

Our hotel has a great sense of tradition, having grown over generations, yet it provides supreme comfort and top-class entertainment.

With the wide range of facilities in our relaxation centre relaxation centre and the culinary delights available with the more inclusive+ luxury ¾ board and the delicious more inclusive+ luxury 3/4 board, you will feel like you’re holidaying in heaven.

Special more inclusive+ services are also available in winter and summer as well as different events each day, which are also included.


Pachmayr Tradition since 1453

According to our regular visitors, the hotel is “Your home away from home”.


There must be something special about the place if people have been travelling here for more than 500 years to enjoy the friendship and life. The first guests came to the “Pachmayrwirt” in 1453.


And they are still coming today. Even the family running the hotel is still the same. The coat of arms awarded to the house by the Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation in 1672 still adorns the front entrance just as it has always done.


Enjoy an active holiday at its best in Zillertal’s first all-inclusive Hotel Pachmair.




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Sunday: Hotel Information

Sunday: Hotel Information 8pm

Welcome fruit schnapps and souvenir glass.

Your host Johannes will tell you all about the activities during your holiday.


Monday 8pm:


Start of the Pachmair´s Musicians Parade!

Zellberg Buam

Dienstag, 17.10.

20 Uhr: Die Zellberg Buam

eines der großen Highlights!

Zillertaler Geigerin 

Mittwoch, 18.10., 20.00 Uhr: 

Da Zillertaler und die Geigerin

- das musikalische Liebesduo

fotoEberharter ZMS 0032 verkleinert

Saturday 8pm:

"My Zillertal" video presentation

with farewell fruit Schnapps

Friday: Tyrolean Folklore Evening

Friday 8.30pm:

Tyrolean Folklore Evening

with our folklore group D'Alpler

and the "Bergsteiger Duo"



Thursday 9pm


Music, Entertainment & Show!